About Us

kithappens is a Design & Digital Marketing agency with offices in Milton Keynes & London providing:


Our directors come from a sales, marketing & design background, and we believe this makes us different. The combination of marketing expertise, quality design and highly technical development ability is a winning formula for our clients.

We have a win-win philosophy at the core of everything we do, which simply means that, if our clients win, so do we. As a result we are able to build long term business relationships with our respected customers and suppliers.


At kithappens we focus on delivering a quality customer experience (it's part of our DNA). So fundamental is this to our ethos, that we believe it deserves a dedicated section on our website to highlight the value this offers to our clients.

We believe delivering quality goes far beyond the end product or service, it is the whole customer experience and interaction with our business, which we strive to make as positive as possible.


Clear, regular, friendly and professional communication with clients is critical to delivering a quality customer experience.

Setting Expectations

It would be all too easy to just say 'yes' to everything in order to close a deal, then worry about how to deliver afterwards. However, when real time scales emerge it's too late for the customer to change their time horizons, and this will, inevitably, result in a poor customer experience.

We will always set and agree to sensible achievable goals from the outset, and are committed to meeting them.

For example, if we believe we need 4 weeks to deliver a project, we won't tell you we can do it in 2, just to gain favour; we would rather be upfront about timescales, as this will help you to plan and avoid letting you down at the start our relationship.

Honesty & Trust

The foundations for any lasting relationship, business or otherwise.