Do you need a Web Site?

  • Do you need a Web Site?

    That all depends!

    This may not be the answer you would expect from a web design agency, but the fact is that some companies are growing and expanding very well with old world approaches.

    Word of mouth marketing, referrals from satisfied customers and reoccurring revenue models mean that some businesses will continue to prosper.

    There is a ‘However’, of course.

    Public consensus often demands a preview of your business through an internet portal.

    New customers or clients will usually check you out before making contact. They may search for your company site or for yourself as the face of your company via a social media platform such as ‘Linked-in’.

    In this instance an inviting web presence and a bona fide profile that showcases your expertise are your credentials.

    What should the key components be?

    A Clear Message – The visual representation of your brand should be evident as soon as people enter the site.

    Colours, themes, layout and wording should all lead visitors on an enjoyable and informative journey to the obvious outcome – contact and the start of a new business relationship.

    The Right Message – The right landing page is critical to the consumerist psyche.

    When 21st Century browsers search for information, products or services, they expect to be directed to a place that will satisfy their enquiry. A few ‘clicks’ away is often a distance they are not prepared to travel.

    Search terms should be well researched and ‘landing pages’ crafted accordingly.

    Opportunities to contact (or buy) should be obvious and seamless.

    A Contemporary Message – The Content must be up to date, especially if you have a blog or news section.

    A site that has the latest news entry from a year ago, says to the visitor that the site is out of date and not relevant. It may suggest that data can’t be trusted, that your company is not up to speed with current trends and customer requirements, or worse could even make some visitors question if you are still a trading business.

    Keep your content fresh and current – Search engines love this too.

    An Honest Message – Integrity is priceless – Old sales techniques don’t work anymore.

    Your visitors have arrived because they are interested, so no need to do a ‘hard sell’. What they do want is a to be confident that they can trust your advice and that you will provide what they need and not what you want to sell.

    There is great and lasting value in retaining clients and supporting them throughout their business life and development.

    They will come to you and pay a bit more for consultative based service, if it is transparent and if it is obvious that you have their best interest at heart.

    Testimonials can certainly endorse your work.

    Good Quality Portfolio Images speak a thousand words.

    A Conclusive Message – Leading to the satisfactory solution for all parties.

    When a person comes to your site they want to be convinced, they hope that you answer their questions and solve their problem, either immediately or at some point in the future.

    You want to achieve these goals yourself, so, thus far, you have perfect agreement.

    The key is to put yourself into the position of your customer, consider carefully the questions they will have, the objections that they may have thought of and the outcome they want. Go through the process from entering to exiting your web site – are queries answered, or is there an easy way for them to ask and get answers? Is the navigation clear and easy? Are there relevant and varied ways to make contact? – different methods appeal to different types or people. Telephone, Email, Online Chat – all could be utilised, but quick responses to such are vital.

    Do you need a web site – maybe not, but your Customer probably expects it, so why disappoint.