Don’t Miss the Wave

  • Don’t Miss the Wave

    The recent publicity surrounding the developments in robotics and AI has given some businesses a tangible challenge.

    Some are looking upon this as a threat, whilst the more astute are seeing an opportunity.

    These changes are symptomatic of the pursuit of profit via efficiency, but also the human compulsion to control his/her environment.

    This is often, sadly, at the expense of lower skilled workers, whist, paradoxically, removing complexity of the systems at the ‘front end’.

    By way of example; many of us were brought up to understand the DOS operating systems of PCs. We knew how to look ‘behind the screen’ and find out what made it tick. Then along came ‘user-friendly interface’, which removed the need for such knowledge, which now lay exclusively in the hands of an elite and shadowy ‘gnostic’ community.

    We are in their hands!

    Steve Jobs was reputedly quoted as saying, in response to a question about market research, that he did not need to engage in such an exercise because people did not know what they wanted ‘until we tell them what they want’.

    The way we interact with our customers is consequently changing dramatically and the expectations of those customers are growing along with this wave of knowledge.

    This Tsunami, caused by a seismic shift in what was considered solid and reliable, is changing the technological landscape, which will never be the same again.

    The way we market ourselves and our products, the way we deliver those products and services and the quality and speed of that service are now all vital and can make the difference between the success and failure of a business.

    At Kit Happens, we aim to help businesses adapt to the new world and not only survive but prosper.

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