Looking for a breakthrough?

  • Looking for a breakthrough?

    There is no time like the present, they say!

    BUT, there always seem to be obstacles that stand in your way and one such challenge is often the need for available Cash and Resource.

    Now with the launch of the Kithappens new service model you can demolish that barrier.

    Kithappens launches new ‘pay as you go’ service model

    This is the latest Kithappens innovation.

    We understand that businesses often no longer want or need to own things that are always changing, depreciating and becoming obsolete. To address this Kit has now rolled out our ‘As A Service’ option, so that clients can have the best of both worlds.

    Web sites are always evolving and as a result, the original way of delivering solutions with large upfront capital expenditure, is no longer the only solution for modern businesses.

    Kit Happens has evolved too, but still remains at the cutting edge, offering businesses the full service of design, web and all aspects of internet marketing. Our ‘As a Service’ concept is gathering pace and completes the Kit Happens portfolio of options available to clients new and existing.

    This new model not only reduces upfront capital outlay for clients, but provides a quality on-going service, giving them the peace of mind that their website is:

    • Current
    • Constantly supported and with
    • Access to a whole host of other features & benefits

    All at a fixed monthly cost.

    To get ahead of the curve, try our ‘As a Service’ model. There are no contracts that tie you in and there are a range of packages to choose from so that you can select the features and service level that suits your business at this time, with the option to upgrade at any time.

    Call or email us to request more information and we will, of course, be delighted to discuss with you a package that suits you.