How to turn your CBD Coffee into a summer iced treat

Enjoying your favorite drink all chilled and refreshing during the summer is something that most of us want. Enjoying CBD Coffee may be refreshing but taking it while chilled will leave you active throughout the day. It will also help ease anxiety. The good thing about having CBD Coffee is that it helps balance the effects of caffeine therefore you can enjoy your cup of coffee without having to worry about becoming dependent on drinking coffee. While taking pure caffeine can increase your heart rate, cortisol production and even lead to your mind racing, CBD helps to balance these effects leaving you with a peaceful state of mind. You will end up enjoying your summer with a refreshing drink. Here is a recipe on how to turn your CBD Coffee into a summer iced treat.



  • 8 cups of water.
  • ½ cup cold water.
  • 1 cup ice cubes.
  • CBD oil.
  • 8 ounces of whole coffee beans.

Required equipment:

  • A cheesecloth.
  • 2 jars that have lids.
  • A rubber band.
  • A mesh strainer is fine.
  • A coffee grinder.

1. Grind the coffee beans until they are coarse, about the size of sugar which is raw.

2. Pour 8 cups of water into a jar and add the grounded coffee into it.

3. Stir the mixture ensuring that it is well blended.

4. Using the lid, cover the jar with the mixture in it and put it in a refrigerator. You should refrigerate it for 18 – 24 hours.

5. Using a fine-mesh strainer that has been lined with cheesecloth, pour the refrigerated coffee through it. Do not press or squeeze the coffee grounds at the cheesecloth.

6. Once strained, transfer into airtight jars and refrigerate it again. You can leave it in the refrigerator for two weeks.
7. Whenever you want to make iced coffee, fill up your glass with an ice cube, add either 2 to 3 drops of the CBD oil, pour half a cup of the cold brew you had made, and refrigerated over the ice cubes, add ½ up of cold water and stir.

8. If you wish to add a sweetener to make the drink more enjoyable you can. Your iced CBD Coffee is ready.

With the recipe above, the preparation makes big batches of cold brew so that the next time you wish to have a chilled CBD Coffee it will be easier to make. Click here for more information:

Aside from the recipe above, there are also other recipes you can use to enjoy an iced CBD Coffee. From a CBD Hazelnut to a CBD Mello Coffee and even a CBD Blondie Roast, you can have your favorite CBD Coffee chilled. Click here for more information:

The good thing about having CBD Coffee is that it helps relieves pain, stress, and anxiety leaving you to enjoy your summer without any worries. It also helps improve your focus by enhancing the positive benefits that are found in caffeine. You can therefore enjoy your cold CBD Coffee as a drink that will quench your thirst all through the summer and at the same time enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

An advantage of taking CBD Coffee is that you do not have to necessarily add a sweetener to drink it. While pure coffee can be bitter without adding sweeteners, adding CBD to your coffee helps reduce this bitter taste.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in Cannabis that will not leave you feeling high. CBD has been found to have various therapeutic benefits such as reducing seizures, minimizing inflammation, and even decreasing anxiety. Click here for more information:

While enjoying your chilled cup of CBD Coffee, you should however put in mind that it comes with its side effects. Therefore, if you have any health conditions or you are using any medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor, you should check with your doctor first before considering having this drink.

Before choosing to have a cup of chilled CBD Coffee, ensure that it is legal to be on the safe side of the law and to avoid any problems. It is essential to ensure you enjoy the drink while complying with the law.