The increasing adoption of mobile devices in recent years, has driven demand for, not only, mobile friendly websites, but for dedicated mobile applications.

There area number of important considerations when thinking about an App, the most obvious being the purpose or business case. An App should be more than just a local version of your website, it should service a specific purpose and add further value to the user.

It is important to keep in mind that a user needs to actually visit an App store and choose to download your App, so there must be a compelling reason for them to do this.

In addition, unlike a website, an App is platform specific. In other words you would need to develop a different version to work on each mobile operating system such as Apple iOS or Android.

A well thought out, purposely designed App can add a very positive benefit to your business and will also keep your name before clients and customers ahead of competitors, who have not been as pro-active as you.

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